The holidays have ended for our guests…

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It’s hard to believe that twelve weeks have gone by! The in-laws returned to China at the end of August, and they are safely back in Harbin. It’s now time to look back at what we did, even though they may have complained that too much water was involved. (With Southern Ontario’s dominant features including the Great Lakes and cottage country? Well, yeah.)

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Visiting Jennifer’s cousing’s family was high up on the agenda, but other destinations were also in the works…


We headed to the southernmost part of Canada, at Point Pelee National Park.

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There was a relaxing experience at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton.

And a great excursion to the Sandbanks Provincial Park in Prince Edward County.

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Jennifer took time off to have a “girls’ run” over to the States to see the Finger Lakes.

We head up to Muskoka, focusing on the Bethune National Historic Site in Gravenhurst.

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And I had to take them up to where I grew up, so we headed to the Limehouse Conservation Area to get a taste of the Niagara Escarpment before going into Acton.

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I hope their memories prove to be pleasant ones. I know we enjoyed having them here.


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