A real winter, that brings back memories

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I’ve just finished shovelling out for the third time today. After the ice storm and several bouts of very bitter temperatures, it was nice to deal with some traditional winter snow. That’s been making me feel a bit nostalgic.

That’s obviously affected quite a few people I grew up with in Acton. There’s a Facebook open group that just started last Wednesday that already has over 2300 members, and the cabin fever that comes in around this time of year has really got everyone reminiscing about what is was like growing up there. Some of the posts have been a real hoot!

It may be a small community now, but it was the second-largest town in Halton County (after Burlington) back in 1900, thanks to the old Beardmore Tannery. We were also blessed with one of the best weekly newspapers—The Acton Free Press—and it covered everything. I remember when every new teacher at Acton High was given his own biography in the paper—when’s the last time you’ve seen that happening?

These days, the memories no longer need to fade about those times. Acton—and Georgetown too, for that matter—have had all their newspapers scanned by the Halton Hills Public Library, and they are all online. Some of the stories are embarrassing now, but most of them are really enlightening (and Jennifer is really amazed that I can prove most of what I’ve told her!).

It’s been a while since the last high school reunion (the last one was in 2000). I wonder where all the wicked teeming minions of crime, infamy and reprobation that I was in class with are now?


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