Travelling back in time

It’s amazing what you uncover when cleaning things up. For example, I opened up a box of photos that I took in various stages over the years, and many of these pictures have not seen the light of day for a long, long time.

There were two packs that especially caught my eye, from a Grade 13 field trip to Quebec City that our History and French classes undertook in November 1971. Most of the pictures have faded. However, I do have many of the original negatives, and that would be a good project to scan these directly to make fresh copies, but that will have to wait until I get the right equipment.

Some prints did scan well. I have not attempted to use Photoshop or Gimp to enhance the images, so here they are:


Now these are some faces I haven’t seen in a while! At Union Station in Toronto, getting ready to switch trains to go to Montreal: Bob Manning, Jack Irwin, Nancy Abram, Sherry Johnston, Henry Van Stralen, and Bob Krul.


On the train, playing cards: Marg Papillon, Nancy Frost and Cam Gibson.


Mark Nielsen, John Last and Marg Papillon are apparent in this photo. I think we were waiting to either get checked in or to leave the hotel at Quebec City.

One of the more important characters on the trip was Bob Smith, who was the school photographer/cinematographer (and a very good one at that). In the first picture, he is with Ed Kuiperij. In the second, he’s been caught relaxing in the hotel room.

This was a memorable trip in many respects. I would like to see what other travellers may have taken, and it would be a great idea to try and compile them together. Unfortunately, the class of ’72 has never been great on getting together for many reunions. The only formal one was in 1992, and there was a general ADHS reunion in 2000, but nothing since.

Who knows what may happen in the future?


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