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Flag of the Republic of China

The last time I was in Taiwan, they were gearing up for their next election. The campaign was quite raucous, and I was fascinated with how they went about it, as well as the refreshingly different posters being posted all over. They convey the message more bluntly than in campaigns I see over here!

Here is how the presidential campaign ended in March 2008:

ROC 2008 Presidential Election Township level

Here are the results from the elections that were just held recently:

ROC 2016 Presidential Election Township level

Over there, blue represents the Kuomintang (国民党), and green signifies the Democratic Progressive Party (民主进步党) who won this time around. That one orange district was taken by the People First Party (親民黨).

As you can see, the KMT is retreating across the island, but is still strong in the rural, mountainous districts. The DPP took practically all the populous areas, and that is quite a radical change. I wish the winner, Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) all the best.

What happened there was significant for the entire Chinese-speaking world. No other nation in that area has become capable of peaceful transitions of power such as this. The Mainland obviously won’t allow it, and Hong Kong and Macao have elections that are relatively rigged. Singapore is somewhat better, but they always arrange for the same party to win all the time, with the winner always being a Lee.

As an avid follower of election results, I always care about how events like this turn out. May things continue to improve.


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