How about something really important?

The news south of the border is depressing right now, so let’s talk about something that people consider far more important. I’m asking about where the best fish-and-chip shops are in Ontario these days.

I dropped in on one in Toronto yesterday that I haven’t seen for quite a while. High Street Fish and Chips in North York has an excellent selection on the menu, including your choice of four different types of fish for your meal. There’s a lot of good old British-style favourites there as well! There are very good reviews on Trip Advisor.

Mind you, the fish is always fresher when it’s just been caught, and I’ve come across a couple of places that take advantage of that outside Toronto. Up in Southampton, Duffy’s Fish and Chips certainly fills the bill. Their prices have really risen in recent years, but it is worth dropping in on even if you don’t want to proceed on to the outstanding beach just down the road.

The best one I have ever come across is the one that is the most out of the way, but the meals are so good and fresh that people fly in to the neighbouring airstrip, boat in to the adjoining harbour, or rumble in on motorcycles to line up for fish that has literally come off the boat. Last summer, I went with some friends up to Killarney Provincial Park, and one day we went down to the end of Highway 637 to check out Herbert Fisheries in the village of Killarney, which is on the North Channel of Lake Huron. These are definitely the best fish and chips I have ever had, and the feeling in our group was unanimous!

I’ve heard tell of a similar operation down in Wheatley on Lake Erie, but have not gotten any details in order to check it out. That may be a project for the better weather. Mind you, other recommendations will be greatly appreciated.


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