It was a different world then…


Does anyone remember this picture? If so, you were probably in Montréal in 1967, having the time of your life. I certainly did, and the atmosphere was optimistic everywhere, or so it seemed.

The prices were certainly different:


$1.80? Wow! It appears some things have shot up faster than the rate of inflation!

There are lots of other sites out there that cover expo67 in much greater detail, and Google can take you there very efficiently. I can only talk about impressions gained, which have lasted a lifetime.

I mentioned optimism. It felt like anything was possible then, as we felt when watching this film at the Ontario Pavilion which went on to win an Oscar the following year:

Watch it, and see how much has changed this past fifty years. The film looks as if it’s in need of restoration, which it deserves to have done. When it came out, every Hollywood studio bought a print to show to its executives and producers, in order to show what film could do. The split-screen techniques are still stunning.

The signature tune went on to become quite popular, effectively becoming the provincial anthem for many years. Here’s the full version, with the picture showing the album cover that came with the record:

Somehow, something went missing over the years since then, which is a great pity. The younger generations simply don’t understand what we enjoyed then, and much of it is just not available on the Web for them to tap into.


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