Thoughts on our recent move

It’s been seventeen days since we arrived in Markham, and things have been quite hectic around here. The first detailed look suggested that the family we bought it from — who had been there since 2011 — did not do that much to the place, and the previous family was half Middle Eastern and half Italian. It appears that the original owners were Italian — judging by the number of saints’ images and Shroud of Turin I had to scrape from various surfaces — and the entire neighbourhood still appears to have a significant number of Italian-Canadians in it. The composition is changing significantly, though: the 2011 Census data show that Markham is now 45% Chinese, and you can’t help but notice that everywhere you go around here. It’s contributing tremendously to the local economy as well, and is in the process of changing the political landscape around here as the local Markham ridings are being split to accommodate the realities being brought about by the forthcoming federal redistribution of seats.

We’ve been busy getting the new place into shape. All the bedrooms upstairs have been repainted to get rid of the awful Italian pastels, the Buzz Lightyear motif in one of the bedrooms, and the generally faded golden yellows. The new colours have really brightened things up tremendously! Now we have to tackle the dark colours on the main floor. New furniture is starting to come in to fill the rooms, and I promise that pictures will be posted as soon as all of this is organized!

Shopping is quite easy around here. Loblaws is a short walk away, and there’s at least a half-dozen Chinese grocery stores that advertise extensively in the Markham Economist and Sun (the local rag around these parts). The best of the bunch is Foody Mart (豐泰超市 to the locals) over at McCowan and Highway 7. We’ve shopped at another of their locations in Toronto before, but this one appears to have twice (!) the selection and is better laid out. The parking is nuts, though — if you aren’t there before 9:30am, you won’t find it easy to find a space.

My study is finally getting organized as well. The important books are now in the bookcases, and the desk and workspace is finally in a somewhat logical order. I now have three printers hooked up. One acts more as a scanner, and the others are a b/w laser and a colour inkjet. Together with the dual-monitor arrangement, I now have more choices here than most business executives have. There’s also space for a table and chairs, but I probably won’t set anything like that up just yet.

With the Victoria Day weekend coming up, it’s starting to look good around here. Let’s see what happens next.


Only a few more days to go


It’s hard to be believe it’s been three years since we moved here, and at the end of April we’ll be moving up to Markham. Most of the packing is done, and Jennifer has booked off work for Monday and Tuesday this coming week, so that the move over will be smooth. Stay tuned for the moving report after all the excitement is over.